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March 29th 10-3:00pm
"Tree Fest"
Located at:  Tudor Place, 1644 31st Street, NW, Washington, DC

April 5th 1-8:00pm
"Very Cherry Marketplace"
Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival
900 Water Street, SW

May 10, 10 am - 6 pm. May 11, 10am - 5 pm
"Green Man Festival 2014"
Roosevelt Center in Historic Greenbelt   

           Meet My Friends!

If you can't wait, check out my puppet friends on line or contact me directly! 

Welcome to the wonderful world of my imagination.  I love making puppets.  I focus most of my time creating and re-inventing new ways to make puppets.  My puppets are soft, friendly and lovable.  Read to them, take them out for a walk, invite friends over and put on a show.  These little guys are a blast!

Squeaks, the sassy sister of Dap.  Loves to play and sing a song.Always on the move, ready to blast off at any time.
Munch likes lunch all day long.  Always keep a snack for you and him.


The puppet family on display.
Outta Our Minds

Look frequently, we are always changing.  Send in your questions and leave us a message on our blog.
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