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About ME
Making puppets just seems to be the right thing for me to do.  I love exploring the art form and creating the cavalcade of characters.  Creating comes naturally to me, just like breathing.  My full time day gig is teaching Visual Art to a bunch of middle school students.  It's a blast and always an adventure.  I get my inspiration from them and my family.  All of my puppets are individually named because their characteristics remind me of my students, family or friends. 
Feel free to use the puppets on my website as a guide to create your own puppet.  I would love to work with you on creating the your perfect puppet friend. 
I use USPS priority mail for their dependability and ease.  Depending on your puppet needs and choice, it usually takes 3-7 days to ship your new puppet to you.  It will take longer (5-10 days) if you choose a custom puppet or puppet party pack.  If you prefer another shipping option, let me know.
I want you to enjoy the process as much as I do!  All of my products are guaranteed.   
Contact me as soon as possible 
(within 14 days) of receiving the shipment
Once I receive the merchandise back, I will repair, replace, or reimburse the cost of the product.
I accept payment via Paypal on this website.  I also have a shop on Etsy
Custom orders 
I require payment upfront.  Throughout the process, I will send updates on my progress and pictures of your emerging puppet friend.  There are many aspects of creating a puppet.  I want your input in color, accessories and name!  Enjoy the ride!
Having a Party? 
Let me come and help you finish decorating the puppets.  If you live in the DC/Metro Area I can come to your place and assist your group in finishing off the puppets. There is an additional hourly charge, (minimum of two hours) for the custom party help. Making the puppets takes time, please understand that I will make the time at your party very special.  
Depending on the age of the group, I will need to bring one of my fabulous helpers to assist.
At the Party, We will plan the puppet, work together to make the puppets, work on the puppet voice and be silly together.  Please contact Michelle (me) directly for more details. I would love to make your day very special!  

   *The purchase of any of the puppet party packages will need to be done before a date can be scheduled.  
Please email any comments or questions to me.   Don't waste any time, let's make a puppet!
Need More Information 
Send me an email:


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