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The puppet family on display.Puppets make playtime a  unique adventure.  
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The puppet family and unexpected visitor.
Emerging Alien Puppet
Here is the younger brother of AP-102, his bright orange eye are beginning to branch out and are very adjustable. He shares his love for the outdoors and enjoys wearing black and white flannel too. His arms have not sprouted yet, so he is considered a emerging sock alien puppet. He is 13" tall and 5" wide.
Price: $35.00
Alien Puppet
This special guy is always on the move, he loves to travel and the large pink telescopic eyes allow him to see everything. He has soft cherry read fur with a royal blue fleece body. His fluffy red arms love to be hugged. He measures 18" tall and 7"wide.
Price: $35.00
Alien Puppet
This is the older brother of EAP-101. He also loves the outdoors and finds hanging out with his little brother very cool. The adventures never end and he doesn't miss a thing with those adjustable bright green and blue eyes. His body is cherry red fur with the black and white checkered flannel. He measures 18" tall and 7" wide.
Price: $38.00
Stick Puppets (Worms)
Silly and easy to manipulate fluffy fleece makes a wonderful and unique puppet friend. Choose from blue, green, pink or purple worms. Approximately 9" long with two 12" dowels as puppet arms.
Price: $8.00
Large Puppet, Pinky.
Wally is our arctic friend from the north. Spends most of his time with the polar bears and penguins but would love to hang out with someone that likes sardines. Yum, fishy!
Price: $60.00
Jester, the wild and loud clown from down town. Ready to tell a joke and belt out a tune. Jester is approximately 20" tall and 10" wide. Bright pink with fluffy white and black feathers.
Price: $65.00
Glamourous Pearl
Well traveled and cultured, Pearl knows her stuff. She will guide you through the best stores or restaurants in town. Soft and fluffy, she measures 21" tall and approximately 9" wide. Vivid pink arms and lime green head accent her hounds-tooth dress, and of course she is wearing her best set of pearls!
Price: $80.00
Large Puppet, TaffyLarge Puppet, Dwight the Elephant

Alien Puppet Al.   
Nana Hand Puppet
Each puppet is handmade. 
No two are ever the same.

I love to create!
Miss Kitty, she is purrfect!  Puppet
Small Hand Puppet with Bow
Choose a sweet little lady or gentleman for the perfect first puppet. It is great for a small set of hands. Easy to manipulate and so soft. Made with soft fleece, and plastic safety eyes. She/He is 12" tall and 5"wide. In the note section, choose a color, then boy or girl version. Boys get a small patch of hair and the girls get a pretty little bow.
Price: $25.00
What a pal! Loves to make you smile and keeps you giggling all the time with those silly knock, knock jokes. A wonderful first puppet friend.
Price: $30.00
Small Hand Puppet: Dino
Soft and gentle, easy to manipulate. A wonderful starter puppet for little hands.
Price: $25.00
Dude Puppet
"The Dude" from one of my favorite movies inspired this character series. They come in a variety of colors with very soulful eyes, fabulous fluffy hair and generous nostrils. Approximately, 18" tall and 7-8" tall. Just let me know what colors you would like your Dude to look like.
Price: $48.00
Fluffy or Furries
One big ball of fur. It is absolutely fabulous. One gorgeous eyeball to focus. Colors are limited, depending on availability. All hand sewn. Approximately, 16-18" tall and 8-9" wide.
Price: $40.00
Uno is a fun and flirty friend. He enjoys music and hanging out. He has a sock puppet body, with a tuft of lavender hair on his head and soft white fur down his back. Approximately 9" tall and 6" wide.
Price: $32.00
Spike the sock puppetDaisy the sock puppet, sweet and fun.
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