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End of the year planning

This time of year can be bittersweet.  As a teacher, I am anxious to finish up and have a break.  Being a Mom means chauffeuring duties begin.  I also want to put in the time to promote my crafts.  Time management is the key.  I am sitting here with all of these thoughts passing through my head, how in the heck will I get it all of this done.  Beats me?  I could start brainstorming (teacher word), making lists, get a giant calendar and map out the summer?  Knowing myself, I realize setting a daily schedule will be the only way I will stay on target.  That's a revelation that I am an adult with ADD.  Every book, video and article I have written on the subject has taught me that planning and sticking to a plan is the way to go.  Too many distractions make my mind race and I won't get anything done.  Think about how you plan, what is your process?  Do you struggle too? 

cutting back

When I started out on my Internet business I wasn't sure what I wanted to make.  I am experienced in my areas of art and wanted to share my versatility.  Ceramics, collage, hair accessories, recycled art, ran the artist gambit.  For the last six months I have been finding my puppets are getting more of a draw.  So, today I switch my plan and webpage to reflect my new direction.  I will focus on puppets with a side bit of collage art.  I believe concentrating on fewer items will give me even more direction toward success.

Roses are red, Violets are blue......

Spring is in the air and a great deal of pollen.  My new puppet series will be pollen free!  I plan on working on a series of puppet blooms.  I have started to disassemble some inexpensive silk flowers to re-organize around some small hand puppets.  The head and neck of the puppet will be the bud and stem and the delicate silk petals will adorn the mouth area and head.  My plan is to make them look like the original silk flowers, only larger, and bulkier.  We will see, I love the trial and error of making puppets.

Growing up

I would like to formally pat myself on the back.  I finished my first foam supported large hand puppet of a Wildebeest this weekend.  It has been a dream for a very long time to be able to craft such a fine skill.   All my years of Sesame Street and the Muppets has truly paid off.  With only taken one workshop under my belt I made many, many attempts.  This guy is actually the third version.  The first two looked more like  a water buffalo or an antelope, according to my son (the 4th grader).

Puppet Party

My sister asked me to help her with a puppet themed birthday party for her daughter.  What fun!  We decided I would make 10 plain white small round hand puppets and the kids would decorate them.  It was one of the best parties ever.  My inner Muppet came alive and my niece was truly channeling the sesame street gang too.  We supplied felt, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, oogle eyes, and glitter.  The kids were so creative and loved the independence of decorating their own real puppet.  I think I have found a niche and added it to my Etsy and website as a new package.  Check it out!

What inspires you?

I get inspired, through so many venues.  Art, music, books, magazines, theater, television and my friends.  All together a genuine combination for creativity.  Currently I am using my influences to make puppets.  Mostly, alien or monster like so I am not confined to a specific type.  I am thinking of branching out to more realistic fiqures.  What do you think about Picasso or Matisse?  Liberace or Cher?  I know I am getting a little silly, but that's my nature.  Never take things so serious.  Send me your suggestions. 

education of a puppet maker

 I have slowed up my puppet making temporarily, I am designing more and trying new fabrics.  I am also trying to find some more professional workshops to better my skills.  Anyone know of a good puppet workshop for foam or antron fleece characters?  I am searching the web, looking for something in the DC metro area.  I found some really cool workshops but they are clear across the country or on another continent.  So, since I would rather not leave my current time zone, please forward your suggestions.   

Baby its cold outside

Yep, looks like winter has finally arrived in MD.  I have been waiting patiently for some cooler temps and look forward to some snow.  My stock pot is ready to make some soup and I am in the mood to bake bread.  What do you do on snow days?  My kitchen doesn't have heat in it so I like to bake all day to keep it warm and toasty.  I also like to plug in the glue gun and sewing machine to make some puppets.  I don't know why I require a snow day to do any of this, it just seems right.  Where ever you are, what ever you like to do, I hope its fun and full of joy!

to organize or not.....

Post holiday daze, thinking about the after gifting clutter and determining if I should keep making puppets or take a break.  Of course, the remains of the holiday madness still looming in the living and dining room make it difficult to start.  If I move the wrapping paper and gift bags over to the couch,  I can clear the table, then I can switch the ribbons and bows to the buffet, and push the large plastic totes of ornaments in front of the door.  No body really comes in the door, sits on the couch or uses the buffet.

good season of learning

Thank you everyone for the terrific response to my new puppet family.  I think I have found my niche and look forward to making more after the holidays.  I truly learned so much about my abilities and overcoming obstacles.  I am still looking for good puppet workshops in my native DC/MD/VA area.  I really want to keep developing my skills and begin using the reticulating foam more.  Maybe some day I can get to visit Muppet Studio before I get too old, but I actually think I will never get old as long as I keep making those crazy little guys!  Happy Holidays and keep creating!
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