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The Home Stretch

Well, I getting down to my last three craft shows.  I feel relief and regret.  I am tired and will be glad to sleep in on Saturday and Sundays again.  I won't have to load and unload a hundred puppets in my little Chevy and drive an hour or two to wherever and make up a small residence for the day with in a small 6 X 8' space.  I won't get to see the smiles and giggles of the kids and adults as they peruse my colorful puppet table.  I won't get to "network" face-to-face with my crafter peeps and share tips and highlights from previous shows.  Wait a minute...this is getting pretty depressing.  I will have remorse and probably withdrawal.  I will slowly start to organize my art studio, then plan the spring and summer, and, then fall and winter all over again.  Before I know it, my special winter craft season will begin again.  I feel so much better now!  

Baby its cold outside

Yep, looks like winter has finally arrived in MD.  I have been waiting patiently for some cooler temps and look forward to some snow.  My stock pot is ready to make some soup and I am in the mood to bake bread.  What do you do on snow days?  My kitchen doesn't have heat in it so I like to bake all day to keep it warm and toasty.  I also like to plug in the glue gun and sewing machine to make some puppets.  I don't know why I require a snow day to do any of this, it just seems right.  Where ever you are, what ever you like to do, I hope its fun and full of joy!

to organize or not.....

Post holiday daze, thinking about the after gifting clutter and determining if I should keep making puppets or take a break.  Of course, the remains of the holiday madness still looming in the living and dining room make it difficult to start.  If I move the wrapping paper and gift bags over to the couch,  I can clear the table, then I can switch the ribbons and bows to the buffet, and push the large plastic totes of ornaments in front of the door.  No body really comes in the door, sits on the couch or uses the buffet.

Day Offs

Columbus Day, I am not sure how I feel about it.  I deeply appreciate the day off, and recognize his efforts and discoveries.  There is something about all that bad press that confuses me.  I am not sure whether to hate him or not.  Still trying to figure that out.  For now, I will enjoy the day off.   
My goal for today was to make some new puppets.  Through the advise of my imaginative and ever informed oldest  I decided to create a tribute to the UMD terrapin.  I made a new puppet called Terry.  Its a start...just settling down was difficult enough and I really wanted to be productive today.  I forced myself to do the dishes only once and made my other son vacuum.  Gotta love kids, when they want something-they will do just about anything.  I am very pleased with myself. 

Sunday Afternoons

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons?  I decompress...or nap...which ever comes first.  I also like to sit and think about the week, what do I need this week and how in the heck will I get it done.  I also like to do projects, today I finally decided to re-create a set of old chairs.  Its my therapy.  Most of my furniture is leftovers or road side adoptions.  They look so sad sitting on the curb at the end of someone's driveway.  So I make a plan, if the piece is still there when I am coming home, its mine.

summer power

Well, we made it through the power outage.  This has been an experience so far, usually we only loose power for a few hours and the lack of Internet and TV is a blessing in disguise.  The forced quiet brings out a different feeling and we surprisingly adapt quite well.  The kids play together and there isn't the bickering and complaining that usually comes with siblings.  I enjoy the quiet and find ways to create.  Hand sewing, collage and sketching pass the time and evoke many new ideas.

Study Hall

Every week I spend my Monday nights with a small grouping of dorm students in a structured study hall.  At first, I didn't know what to do with my time.  I would surf the web, then walk around the room making sure they weren't on facebook or texting on their I-phones.  After spending a month or two with the internet I needed something else to occupy my time so I began drawing.  Study hall is in the library and I found my self surfing the shelves instead of the web.  I used books as a resource for my drawings instead of Google images.  I have a faint recollection of doing this way back in the 90's.  Who would of thought......What is old, does become new again! 

I am a person of few words.....

Writing a blog is very foreign to me.  I enjoy drawing, painting, collage, making mud pies, etc...  All my life it has been one project after another, so here is my new project.  To write a regular blog, whether some one reads it or not, I am not too worried.  My big baby in college told me to keep it up.  He is much more talented in this area, I guess he got it from his father.  My future journalist told me to write about my projects.  Let's see if I can make a regular attempt at this,  my last post was in February.
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