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End of the year planning

This time of year can be bittersweet.  As a teacher, I am anxious to finish up and have a break.  Being a Mom means chauffeuring duties begin.  I also want to put in the time to promote my crafts.  Time management is the key.  I am sitting here with all of these thoughts passing through my head, how in the heck will I get it all of this done.  Beats me?  I could start brainstorming (teacher word), making lists, get a giant calendar and map out the summer?  Knowing myself, I realize setting a daily schedule will be the only way I will stay on target.  That's a revelation that I am an adult with ADD.  Every book, video and article I have written on the subject has taught me that planning and sticking to a plan is the way to go.  Too many distractions make my mind race and I won't get anything done.  Think about how you plan, what is your process?  Do you struggle too? 
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