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Displays at Craft Shows

The craft season is starting again and I am beginning to pull together my inventory and decide on how to display my fantastic puppets.  I am in constant awe of my fellow crafters talents with display and hope to use and reuse products wisely and creatively.  I have noticed the use of older luggage and bins and hope to incorporate it with my hand puppets and stick puppets.  I also like to use old quilts and clotheslines too.  I hang my finger puppets on the clotheslines and use the quilts as tablecloths.

Gotta love fall!

I love the colors of fall and dig the crisp, cool weather.  The things I really look forward are watching my big baby boy play football and selling my puppets at art and craft festivals.  To be honest, I love seeing him do anything.  He is so excited and really found a passion in football.  As far as my puppets, I love making them and sharing them.  They bring joy to people like me watching my cornerback.  Whatever makes you love fall, own it and love it.  It makes everyday be joyful!

Holiday Rush

I am so excited for this time of the year.  I get to spend more time with my family and friends, eat wonderful food, play in the leaves and sell my creations at market.  I love going to the various festivals and craft shows.  I have been busy, learning the ins and outs of commerce.  I get lots of advice and suggestions.  Everyone is so kind and helpful and I hope the joy of the season continues.  If you live in the area I will be selling my lovely puppets in Chevy Chase at the Women's Club this Saturday, 11/9 and later in the month I will be in Arlington, VA at the Etz Hayim Congregation for their annual craft show on the 17th of November.

Busy, Busy, Busy

My little business has slowly been gaining momentum.  I am having a grand time making puppets and sharing them with the community.  At the last few craft shows, visitors are surprised by their own reactions.  First comes disbelief, then a chuckle.  It seems to appeal to everyone, even the grumpy ones.  I love sharing my creativity and look forward to more avenues to explore! 

cutting back

When I started out on my Internet business I wasn't sure what I wanted to make.  I am experienced in my areas of art and wanted to share my versatility.  Ceramics, collage, hair accessories, recycled art, ran the artist gambit.  For the last six months I have been finding my puppets are getting more of a draw.  So, today I switch my plan and webpage to reflect my new direction.  I will focus on puppets with a side bit of collage art.  I believe concentrating on fewer items will give me even more direction toward success.

Back to the drawing board!

Actually, this is a good thing.  My sale over the weekend lessened my puppet inventory and gave many great joy.  It was a blast seeing everyone respond with surprise and then, giggles.  Humans love puppets, especially the little humans.  I had a grand time sharing my puppet persona with the kiddies, we shared jokes and lots of hugs.  I feel really good about my shift to puppet creation, and thank the Sesame Street/Muppet Gang for making my imagination so vivid and silly. 

Craft Shows

It's that time of year again, I will be out and about selling my creations at a few different craft shows this year.  Two are local, Winterfest at Sandy Spring Friends School and the other is call Quailhill, in Brinklow, MD.  I am also participating in a web craft show as well, called Craftfest.  Starting November 24th until December 1st.  Please try to come by and say hello!  I will be selling my puppets, collage prints and note cards.  I am also introducing some hand painted grocery bags!

And we're off.....

Last weekend I had my first craft show of the year.  Well, I only participate in two, so I guess I half way there.  My friend hosts a craftshow in her home.  Hopefully there will be a good showing.  I'll keep my fingers crossed!  I love meeting the people that come by, its like a giant family reunion. 
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